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Hi, welcome to the WWFoC. For those wondering what all those letters mean it's simple, the World Wide Federation of Chucksters. We are a fan site dedicated to the stars and show Chuck. Going into it's 5th and final season, Chuck is about a computer nerd whose life is turned upside down when a secret government project called the intersect is downloaded into his brain. From that moment on Chuck's life is never the same. Agent Sarah Walker and Colonel John Casey are assigned to protect him and become not only his friends, but his family, accompanying his real life family, sister Ellie and bro-in-law Devin "Captain Awesome" Woodcomb and his bff Morgan Grimes on his journey to make something more of himself and discover his true path in life.

Chuck, for it's fans, is not just a show, it's an addiction, an obession, a safe haven. The show has spanned oceans and continents and brought together people of all ages from all over the globe, united under one umbrella, their love for this show and it's amazing cast. The Chuck fandom has proven it's worth time and time again. Networks often fail to appreciate the value of a show just because it's numbers don't meet some ridiculous standard and the show ends up suffering an untimely death. Chuck fans aren't like any other in the world. When our little show was on the bubble or chopping block, fans cooked up ideas and campaigns to save the show. Our voices were heard on a global level and time and time again, we are a large part of the reason the show is still running. Our dedication to our "little show that could" is unmeasured and we've seen how emotionally grateful the cast has been.

Here at WWFoC, you'll get aquainted with the show and characters if you're new to the Chuck world. If you're a seasoned veteran, we have info on it's stars, pictures, videos, links, discussion boards, chat rooms, games, trivia, everything to make a true Chucksters heart skip a beat. You'll spend hours with your favorite stars and characters, even after the show is long gone, us Chucksters will still be here, doing what we do best, spreading the word about the awesomeness that is CHUCK!

Chuck has become a huge part of our lives, reached our hearts and changed some of us in ways we never thought a tv show could. It's a timeless classic and it will forever live on in our hearts. We hope you enjoy our site and join us in keeping the show alive.
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